Online Casino Malaysia in Time of the Apocalypse

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There are plenty of reasons why people would rather stay home than venture into the wilderness that is the ‘Outside’. Zombies is probably one of them. And when you’re stuck at home, one of the many ways you can fight the encroaching boredom and the gnawing temptation to pluck your brows to extinction is to play online games. But not just any games. Games that make you money. Online. Casino games. In Malaysia. Let me tell you how to begin with online casino Malaysia games.

Online casino is one of the most popular and exciting online games in the country, and here are some of them:

  • Poker – Texas hold ‘em up, stud poker, or five-card draw, you can play any type of poker and compete with professional dealers in high stakes tournament online.
  • Video Poker – If you’ve ever felt like a robot without a place in human society, here you can enjoy playing poker with other robots and computers.
  • Slots – If you’ve ever played Pokémon on Gameboy and earned a Polygon at the Game Corner in Celadon City, you should try this.
  • Progressive Slots – If you want to play Pokémon in Nintendo Switch, move up to this one for higher prizes.
  • Blackjack – If you think you’re a robot with good mathematical skills, you should try this very popular card game.
  • Roulette – If you’re a robot good at predicting the odds of the world ending in an asteroid impact, at an exact date and time and house number, this game of chance is for you.
  • Sports Betting – If you like yelling at the TV while watching your favorite sport, level up your participation with sports betting and yell like it’s your privilege.
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Playing casino games is fun and rewarding which is why millions of people around the world enjoy playing it. But there is also a serious danger that comes when this hobby goes unregulated. Read these simple and friendly reminders to stay safe and to be a responsible casino player.

  • Get a @%#$& job! – gaming should only be considered as a form of entertainment, not a sole means of making money.
  • Allocate gaming budget – you might be tempted to sell your soul or your in-laws’ to the devil just to score big money in gaming. But that’s just not right.  Have a strict limit on the amount you’re willing to lose, and don’t go beyond that. Start with your neighbor’s cat.
  • Leave the bills to the financial authority – debatable, but it’s probably one of the advantages of having a wife. Rent, bills, and food money must never be fair game for your gambling needs.
  • You’re not John Wick of gambling – learn to accept defeat. Don’t go on a gambling spree with half of your life savings because you’ve lost the other half gambling earlier. It’s a downward spiral of madness that could lead you get kicked out of the house and go excommunicado.
  • Don’t drink and gamble – always play sober. The only person who benefited from clouded judgement while doing something is Edgar Allan Poe. He’s dead now.

There’s no harm in gambling if only to distract us from the bleakness of events around us that lie beyond our control. These are tough times and we’re all trying to make it out alive. May the odds be ever in your favor.

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